• Once you have tasted flight,

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  • you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward,

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  • for there you have been,

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  • and there you will always long to return. –Leonardo da Vinci

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  • Why learn to fly?

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  • Why not?

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Why Learn To Fly? Why Not?

Though Leonardo da Vinci, 15th century sculptor, inventor, painter, engineer, mathematician and writer, envisioned the first “flying machine,” he never flew; it was impossible.

His feet never left the ground, but his mind and heart did. He instinctively knew what flying could do for a person: It would open their eyes to a whole new world, knock down barriers and give them new perspective. It would set them free. That’s what learning to fly can do for you. That’s what Inner Flight is all about: setting you free to do and be your best…to soar.

It’s not about flying. It’s about being able to fly.