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Flying is Actually Easier Than You Think

Are you ready to change how you “show up” in your life? Learn to fly. Successful people live in the moment. They’re fast on their feet and, at the same time, ruthlessly analytical in their decision-making. They are comfortable quickly assessing a situation and the various feedbacks and inputs and boldly judging the next step to take–whether it’s in the company boardroom or a child’s classroom. These are the skills flying an airplane teaches you.

Your mission? Complete the mission. That’s it. Land safely and you’ve completed your mission. Few activities in life are so concrete, so logical. And yet flying is a right-brain activity. It’s artistic. Exhilarating. Empowering. Liberating.

Flying does not require great technical ability: It’s 75% visual, 25% gear. It’s simple training, not education. It’s a lot like sailing, absorbing multiple inputs and then deciding on a single output, a single task at a given moment. Bottom line, flying is about honing your judgment and making good decisions, which is a bonus in every other area of your life. (And, of course, there are the bragging rights…)


Ready to Soar…
(in every way?)

First Step
Inner Flight Flying Companion Course

  • Introduction to aircraft operations
  • Take-offs and landings
  • (3 days)

If you liked that,
Inner Flight Solo Course

  • Aircraft Operations
  • (5 days)

If you’re hooked,
Inner Flight Private Pilot Course

  • (10 days)

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