Your Instructor

Steve Merritt: Your Inner Flight Instructor


I’m not just a flight instructor; I’m your coach and, hopefully, game-changer. I provide high-quality individualized flight instruction. And it shows: 100% of the pilots I have recommended for practical tests have earned their certificate. I’m experienced in 123 aircraft types, and carry the following certifications:

  • Pilot Certificate 2075936 Commercial Pilot Ratings:
    • Airplane (Single and Multi-Engine, Land and Sea)
    • Instrument Airplane
    • Glider
  • Flight Instructor Certificate 2075936 CFI Ratings:
    • Airplane (Single-Engine and Multi-Engine)
    • Instrument Airplane
    • Glider
  • Second-in-Command Ratings
    • DC-3
    • Cessna 550
    • Beech 300
    • Beech 400
  • FAAst Team Representative, Greensboro, NC FSDO

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